Piya Albela

Arguing With Women

The most important rule when it comes to arguing with women: Don't do it. Whenever a girl tries to get dramatic with you, simply say, "We're not arguing about this." Of course, if she is actually trying to tell you something important to her, then talk about it in a mature manner. But if she's arguing over nothing, get away from her and let her vent on somebody else.

Remember, if you lose your cool, she wins. When dealing with women and their emotions, self control is key. No matter what she tries to throw at you, deal with it in a cool, calm and collected manner.

But don't forget to always be open-minded. If a girl genuinely has a good point, accept it. Don't be stubborn and refute everything she says just because you feel the need to be right. Drop the ego. Be a man and admit when you are wrong or when the girl has a valid point.

Another important concept is empathy for the girl's emotions. Men have a tendency to want to fix thing…

piya albela

BEIJING (AP) — The Aamir Khan film "Dangal," about an Indian man training his daughters to become wrestlers, has become China's biggest-grossing non-Hollywood foreign movie.

The Indian film, whose name translates as "Let's Wrestle, Dad," was released in China on May 5. By Tuesday, it had pulled in 806 million yuan ($117 million) in mainland China, according to data from EntGroup, a leading entertainment consultancy.

The previous top-performing non-Hollywood foreign film was 2016's "Your Name," a Japanese fantasy drama. It made 577 million yuan ($84 million) at the Chinese box office.

Actor and producer Khan had already built up a following in China following the success of his previous films, "3 Idiots" and "PK."

In high school, drama is a fact of life. Although most would never admit it, many teenage girls are completely addicted to it. They live to hear the latest bit of juicy gossip and will do absolutely anything to bre…